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The Canadian Association of Foodservice Professionals (CAFP) Gold Plate Award was initiated by the Montreal Student CAFP Branch in 1970 as a way of recognizing individual achievements and contributions to the foodservice industry. In 2004, Aramark, as a Platinum sponsor, generously committed to the future leaders of the Foodservice Industry by taking over as the named sponsor of the Gold Plate Award.

Over the years, Aramark’s dedication to the foodservice industry has been paramount in ensuring that deserving students are in attendance, recognized and celebrated each year at the annual CAFP/ACPSA National Conference, during the Aramark Gold Plate Awards Luncheon.

Regional Aramark Gold Plate Award

At the professional branch level, a panel of judges will select the Student Branch Gold Plate Award winner. The branch judging committee will be made up of the Professional Branch President, an Aramark representative, one representative from a local foodservice operation and a representative from the participating education facilities. The recipients of this prestigious award will be provided with the opportunity to meet some of Canada’s top food service executives and culinary experts. The deadline dates may vary per branch so please check with you Professional Branch Liaison about the deadline. The Student branch Gold Plate award includes:

  • An engraved replica of the Gold Plate
  • A $400 cash award to be used by the student to further his/her education
  • Travel, registration fee and meals at the National Conference of CAFP
  • An opportunity to compete for the National Gold Plate Award

National Aramark Gold Plate Award

At the National level one award will be offered annually. The National Aramark Gold Plate Award will be awarded to one of the current year’s Student Branch Gold Plate Award recipients. The National judging committee will consist of CAFP National President, an Aramark representative and the CAFP National Vice President for Student Development. The CAFP National Vice President for Student Development will chair the panel. This honour will be bestowed upon the student who, in the opinion of the judges, exemplifies the type of student the hospitality industry requires and shows outstanding commitment to the industry and the community.

The National Aramark Gold Plate Award includes:

  • $1,000.00 Cash Award
  • An Aramark National Gold Plate Award plaque
  • National exposure to the foodservice industry

The National ARAMARK Gold Plate Award recipient will be announced at the Student Awards Luncheon at the National CAFP Conference The Branch Gold Plate recipient deadline for the National Award is March 28, but branches may set their own deadlines. Please check with your affiliated Professional Branch.

The Aramark Accelerate to Leadership Program

Effective January, 2018 - Aramark Canada has revised the outline and parameters for the Accelerate to Leadership (A2L) Program which was previously awarded and identified as a one (1) year paid internship program.  In its new format, Aramark Canada will provide each of the regional winners of the Aramark Gold Plate the opportunity to participate in an interview process based on the A2L requirements and guidelines, and are vetted for suitability into the program.

To qualify for the A2L award:

  • Students must file for the Regional Gold Plate Award, however to be eligible for the National award, the recipient need not be the successful recipient of the Gold Plate award.
  • Students must complete their Bachelor’s Degree in, or prior to, the award year.
  • The award recipient must be able to fulfill the start requirement of either the following July or February
  • The Student must attend an interview process.

The Accelerate to Leadership program equips University graduates with the tools to successfully navigate the many diverse areas of business at Aramark. Students are given the opportunity to enrich and nourish lives in the communities that Aramark serves through hands-on meaningful management experiences! The one-year, paid position affords:

  • Robust learning & career readiness training throughout the program
  • Engage with peers, mentors and managers to develop your professional network and establish your personal brand
  • Work, grow and experience Aramark in our energetic & diverse environments
  • Career development and coaching provided at key milestones to enhance your learning and experience
  • Set goals, act and win with a leader in the professional services industry

The annual Accelerate 2 Leadership Award is exclusive to the needs of Aramark and will only be awarded to a qualifying student if they meet the standards of Aramark Canada.

Application Information for the Gold Plate Award and the A2L Award

To apply for the award candidates must complete the application form online at Applications must be complete and must be submitted to the Professional Branch Awards Committee by the closing date (please refer to your professional branch liaison, president or faculty advisor).  Students may apply for and win this award more than once. Only one student per branch may win at the local level. The judges reserve the right to withhold the award in any year that there is no applicant with a minimum number of points.

Applicants will be judged on:

  1. Association Involvement
  2. Industry Experience
  3. Commitment to the Food Service Industry
  4. Community Service Activities (which may or may not be food related)
  5. Scholastic Achievement
  6. Written Essay
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