Credentialed Food Executives

SE = Student Executive,    Renewal = 2 , Fellow = 3, Emerald = 4, Diamond = 5


Tom Mitchell, CFE5
Helen Scott, CFE2
Judy-Ann Wybenga, CFE5

Donna Andriats, CFE2
Lilian Button, CFE4
Marc Haine, CFE
John Kramshoj, CFE
Darrell Lindstrom, CFE3
Linda Slobodian, CFE4 
Paul Van Vorstenbos, CFE
Halifax Dartmouth
Jean Baker, SE
Dale Spence-Fenerty, CFE3
Joe George, CFE
Duane Giffin, CFE
Edwena Kennedy, SE
Bob MacGillivray, CFE
Allison Miner, CFE5
Ted Mussett, CFE
Laura Pugsley, SE
Jane Pryor, CFE
Melissa Barry, CFE
Lisa Slauenwhite, CFE2 
Delores Smith, CFE5
Barbara Thompson, CFE5
Jeff Thornhill, CFE
Vanessa Yurchesyn, CFE
Alicia Garcia, CFE5
Amanda Hunt, SE
Hilary Rock, SE
Elisa Wilson, CFE5
Matt Strano, CFE
Lin Yuan, SE
Members At Large

Andrea Gillespie, CFE5 
Colleen Kelly, CFE5
Marlee Loiselle, CFE3
Paul Machek, CFE2
Elaine Walker, CFE3

Denis Mavrias, CFE5
New Brunswick

Florence Akerly, CFE3
Esther Archibald, CFE2
Natalie Carrier, CFE2
Sonja Card, CFE
Susan Kastuk-Riddlington, CFE2
Andrea MacLean-Holohan, CFE3
Ann Veinotte Martin, CFE
Elaine Robichaud, CFE
Regina Robichaud, CFE5
Patrick Watt, CFE


David Breen, CFE
Paula Edwards, CFE2
Brenda Hanlon, CFE
Shelley LeFresne, CFE4
Josie McInnes, CFE
Jennifer Mercier, CFE
Fran Sutherland, CFE5
Patricia Watson, CFE3

Isabel Clark, CFE
Elizabeth Forbes, CFE3
Leesa Franklin, CFE2
Frances Furmankiewicz, CFE
Sarah Hatt, CFE
Carol Schell, CFE5
Darren Shackleton, CFE
Grant Thompson, CFE5
Renso Vettoretti, CFE5
Janet Bell, CFE3
Ed Bernard, CFE3
Barbara Dunlop, CFE5
Brian Emmerton, CFE5
Jo-Anna Fawcett, CFE2
Nancy Hewitt, CFE
Jonathan Hughes, CFE 
Thomas Holzschuher, CFE4
Samantha Jones, SE
Carla Kelman, CFE
Rosemary Maclean, CFE5
Emily Meko, SE 
Phil Sanders, CFE2
Jennifer Stewart, SE
Andrea Watson, CFE
Geoffrey Wilson, CFE3
Don Bliss, CFE2
Mary Bliss, CFE4
Susan Cox, CFE
Lorne Deutsch, CFE5
Eric Evers, CFE 
Benny Fernandes, CFE
Tim High, CFE
Nick Krueger, CFE
Peter Lam, CFE5
Sandra MacSorley, CFE3
Darrin Mah, CFE2
Josie Midha, CFE
Carmine Morelli, CFE2
Shirley Ripley, CFE3
Karen Smith, SE
Lezlie Smith, CFE 
Suzann Stevens, CFE2
Nancy van Aggelen, CFE2
Florence Wilson, CFE3

About Us

Originally founded over 110 years ago, CAFP has withstood the test of time by maintaining its relevance in a continually changing business environment. By listening to our members, tracking their needs, and those of the foodservice and hospitality industry, we have adapted our programs to meet these evolving requirements. CAFP is one of the originators of change management.

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